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Contribution to Care Donations

Dispensary of Hope recently explored how contribution to care donations influence the work of network partners. We wanted to learn more to gain greater insight on these types of programs. Last month, we surveyed at random a sample of clinics in our network. Their responses provided us with a great deal of understanding in how contribution to care models work. 

Primarily, contribution to care donations are found more in a charitable clinic setting. We found that, while no clinic had the same model, there was one similar practice for each clinic. No patient was denied treatment or access to their prescriptions if they were unable to donate. This principle was universal amongst the survey participants and is in line with the Dispensary of Hope philosophy and site agreements. 

There are many reasons why a site may choose to pursue contribution to care and this survey is great "food for thought" on how clinics have executed it. 

To see the full results of this survey and learn more, click here!