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Medication Request Process

Behind the Scenes: The Dispensary of Hope Medication Request Process

Medication Requests

The Dispensary of Hope relies on feedback from our network of dispensing sites to know which medications are most needed by the eligible patients being served.  You can submit any requests for medication to your Dispensary of Hope Account Manager.  These medication requests are reviewed by the Dispensary of Hope pharmacist team for possible addition to the Dispensary of Hope Target List (list of medications that we're trying to source).  Please note that some requested medication may already be on the Target List and simply have not been donated to the Dispensary of Hope yet.  The pharmacist team reviews requests to identify trends of medications needed by the entire network.

There are many drug classes that have been of interest to our network.  These medications are not consistently donated, and thus may not always be in inventory.  Because our medications depend on donations, some of our Target List is based on what is available and donated from the manufacturer. We always try to source the most efficacious and safe medications in each drug class.