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Partnering with schools of pharmacy

Back to School Time - Are you Partnering with Schools of Pharmacy?

Dispensary of Hope has established great partnerships with all three of the local schools of pharmacy in Nashville.  We know that many of you are also partnering with schools of pharmacy by serving as preceptors and providing places for students to gain experience.  Below is some information to help you discover and create positive partnerships with Schools of Pharmacy that can enhance your work.

1. This map of pharmacy schools can be used to find the nearest school to your location.

2. Tips to Establish a Relationship with a School of Pharmacy

  • Contact faculty at the School of Pharmacy
  • Give a presentation to the student body 
  • Sign up as a preceptor  

3. In order to be a good partner for the schools, you need to provide meaningful learning opportunities for students and make it a win-win for both your practice site and the school.  Click here to see additional slides on how Dispensary of Hope has partnered with local pharmacy schools.