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Quarterly Metrics

Number of Patient Encounters  

These patients may have presented in person or as a mail order fill. 

  • Example: If a patient presented to your clinic or pharmacy on three different dates, and received Dispensary of Hope medication each date, the patient number = 3. 

Number of Prescriptions (30-day fills)

The number of 30-day fills given during the quarter, Dispensary of Hope medication only.  

  • Example:  Anything less than a 30 day supply = 1 fill (i.e. a 7-day supply of antibiotics), a 60-day supply = 2 fills, and a 90-day supply = 3 fills. Please include Dispensary of Hope OTC medication in this count.  A PRN OTC distribution = 1 fill.

Number of Unique Patients  

The number of unduplicated individual patients that received Dispensary of Hope medication during the quarter. 

  • Example:  If a single patient receives Dispensary of Hope medication three times during a quarter, s/he is recorded as one (1) unique patient.

To report your quarterly numbers in eHope, simply log in and follow these easy steps:

  1. Click the "Report Quarterly Numbers" tab
  2. Click "Add New Record"
  3. From the drop-down menu, select the year (2017) & the quarter (3)
  4. Enter the numbers in the corresponding open fields
  5. Click "Insert" 
Please keep in mind that the accuracy of the numbers you report is very important. These numbers are essential to our ongoing relationships with pharmaceutical and

financial donors, as well as to you and the entire Dispensary of Hope collaborative as we all evaluate program effectiveness.